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Misdiagnosis of illness Archives

Johns Hopkins study team: Stroke too often missed in ERs

Researchers in a recent medical study strongly stress that, when a patient comes into an emergency room in Pennsylvania or elsewhere with head-related symptoms, doctors need to consider the possibility of stroke.

Seeing a specialist is key for women with ovarian cancer

If there is any positive news at all about ovarian cancer, it is this: It is more treatable than many other types of cancers, less likely to spread throughout the body beyond the abdomen and pelvis area, and often very responsive to aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

Study: Most diagnostic errors occur early, at initial examination

The central findings of research recently published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine that focused on medical errors and misdiagnosis of illness conclude that misdiagnosis most frequently occurs very early in the doctor-patient encounter, often during an initial examination.

Researchers cite "alarming" diagnosis error rate in ICUs

Statistics abound in the world of medical research. Some certainly come across as arid and academic to the general public, while others are underscored with immediate meaning and deep implications for medical care and patient safety.

Focus is on Supreme Court as it reviews federal health care law

Ironically, many of the things typically associated with medical malpractice -- such as a delayed diagnosis of cancer or the misdiagnosis of illness -- never actually result in a claim of hospital negligence at all.

Researchers: Medical study data must be widely, routinely shared

The ability of scientists or research teams to replicate or otherwise test and evaluate the results of scientific studies authored by other parties is critical for a number of reasons.

ER departments: Overcrowding, medical errors, a need for change

It is no secret to many people who have gone to an emergency room for treatment in the past few years that ERs have become increasingly frantic and busy places.

Medical error leads to hepatitis C virus for organ, tissue donees

A misreading of a nucleic acid test performed on a deceased donor's tissue has turned out to be a costly misdiagnosis resulting in at least four instances of donees becoming infected with the hepatitis C virus.

Dual standards for pulmonary disease diagnosis can lead to errors

The subject matter was very clear and the related warning dire at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) in Honolulu recently: Dual standards for evaluating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are leading to misdiagnosis and improper treatment for many patients.

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